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Évkerék Company

Interactive Musical Folk Tale with HolddalaNap

For centuries, telling tales, singing songs have been a natural act of satisfying the unfailing curiosity of distant lands, of connecting with the world in multiple ways. Fables, tales and songs wandered by word of mouth, from people to people, our elders told stories about ancient times, the rovers from afar sang about remote lands, thus emotionally connecting the listener to the protagonist. These ritual tales and the songs not only wind us with the world, but also connect the Heavens with the Earth. 

Évkerék Company (Year Wheel Company) was established in 2001. Their street theatre performances with giant puppets, their theatre productions and concerts enliven the rites, tales and historical plays of the traditional holidays. In the course of these performances, the audience are often involved in the play as well. Musicality plays a prominent role in the plays: the performers are members of the HolddalaNap Group and other musician friends. 

The giant puppets used in the performances are creations of the popular puppet makers, Gábor Balla and Boldizsár Kő, scupltors of Zöld Péter Folktale Playground. The company's definite aims are to find the possibilities of integrating folk traditions and folk tales into our lives, and to acquaint the audience with values derived from ethnographic collections. The scenery, puppets and costumes are also in the form of this sophistication. The main objectives of the Company include the orientation of the performances to the venue and the opportunity: we have been giving a number of performances related to the conceptual content of a particular holiday, festival or event.


Hungarian folk tales, myths of peoples, performances about the folk traditions go round the world and the year, the Company itself travels all over the country and the world: with their annual approximately one hundred show, they are the permanent guests of major institutions and festivals, kindergartens and schools in Hungary. The performances of the company were seen in Millenáris Park, Fonó Budai Zeneház, Ethnographic Museum, Tale Museum and other cultural institutions. They are regularly invited by Valley of Arts Festival, the Babel Sound Festival, Ozora Festival and other outstanding nationwide events. They have already performed in Spanish and English languages as well both home and abroad. And where the word runs out there is music, puppet, and mimicry game that tells the unspeakable…

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